The World’s First Effortless Wire Threading Machine, from Sonica and Ruiba

Running power and communication wires is a long and exhausting process that takes a lot of time and effort. We knew there had to be a better way to run wires, so we designed the ideal solution: a threading machine that makes the wiring process fast and easy.


  • Portable: easy to move around the job site.
  • Strong: up to 50 meter lines can be pulled with minimum effort. The machine features a unique Transmission transmission that combines spiral and& planetary gears and has. an astounding pulling strength of up to 90 kg.
  • Fast: threads wires at a speed of 40 meters per minute.
  •  Flexible: the Wire Fish Tape is made from the finest polymer material on the market and has a flexible steel tip, running smoothly through all types of pipes and conduit.
  • Excellent control: the Operation Control Mechanism allows the user to control the push and pull strength of the wire to prevent overpulling or damage to the wire or the machine.
  • Longest working time: the powerful Brushless Motor is 40% more efficient, giving you a longer work time The machine batteries last for a full 8- hour work day.
  • Durable: quality parts and manufacturing assure a long life span with low wear.
  • Best design: the Ruiba Wire Threading Machine was developed to provide maximum comfort, quality, and mobility with minimum weight and effort. It’s a must have product for every communication or electricity professional’s tool collection.
Net weight without battery 3 kg
Threading cable 30m long, 5.8mm thick
Work time 4 hours per fully-charged battery, 2 batteries included
Battery: 21V lithium, 4000 mAh
Pulling power 100 kg
Noise level 1 dB at 40m
Pulling speed 50m per minute
Working modes pulling/pushing
Motor speed 0–3,000 rpm
Working power 18v/21v
Automatic stop mechanism
LED battery indicator
Cable-threading device 2 batteries, 21V 4000 mAH
30m threading cable Fast charger
Comfortable grip for tightening or pulling
Hex key
2 wire lock clasps
4 rubber pulleys (1 set)
6 Teflon leads for threading into pipe
Fabric bag to hold the tool and accessories

Fish tape indicator window

Operation control mechanism

allows the user to control the push & pull strength of the wire to prevent overpulling or damage to the machine and the wire.

Li-ion battery

High quality Lythium battery with heating overload prevention, this technology increase

Unique Transmission

spiral & planetary Gears.Thanks to the transmission you can effectively push/pull wires of up to 50 meters with a pulling strength of 90 KG.

Brushless Motor

A precise and powerful engine which delivers longer work time than usual due to its power saving feature, up 40% more efficient than normal coal engine.

Polymery Fish Tape Wire

Made from the finest polymer materials in the market, equipped with a flexible steel tip which enables smooth wiring in all types of tubes.

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